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Life Guide Verses: A Bible Memory Plan

Life Guide Verses - small

In 2017, we want to challenge you to grow in God's Word! One way to do that is to memorize the Word! I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11)That is why we are introducing "Life Guide Verses"! Each week we will emphasize one verse or group of verses to memorize together. Many of these verses will already be familiar to you, but ...

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God-Sized Goals for 2017


God-sized Goals for 2017"Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession" (Psalm 2:8).From the "State of the Church" Address on January 1, 2017: "Hardy Street, I never want us to stop dreaming big. We serve a God who does more than we can ask or imagine. So I want it to be said of our church that we prayed and worked and ris...

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A Word about the Word

Word blog

One foundational component to growing in Christ is to saturate your life with the Word of God. My desire as a pastor is for every member of Hardy Street Baptist Church to: 1) Get into God's Word2) Grasp God's Word3) Grow in God's Word But I truly believe it's not enough for me or our pastoral team to tell you that you "ought" to without showing you "how to"! That's wh...

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Grasping & Growing in God's Word

Word blog

Scripture says in Proverbs 27:23 that we are to "Be diligent to know the state of the flock, And to attend to the herd". That is a mandate to the pastoral leaders here at Hardy Street We need to have a clear picture of the condition of the church and we need to paint an even clearer picture of where we are going as a church! That's why Pastor Scott Hanberry Family Minist...

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2017 - Goals, Growth, & the Gospel


Creating a Gospel Life Plan for 2017...

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A Family in Need

Church Family, I received the following message from Josh Moudy and ask for your help. My grandmother's caregiver, has recently been displaced due to an arson fire, along with her daughter and four grandchildren, including a newborn. Her daughter was also diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. They lost everything in the fire, and are trying to begin putting their lives b...

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Words of Christmas


When you think of Christmas...what words immediately come to mind? Santa, snow, presents, eggnog?Angels, virgin, Bethlehem? There are tons of words associated with this glorious holiday! In fact... here are a few from enchanted learning. For the next few weeks, I want to share a few significant words of Christmas in a unique sermon series! I hope you'll join us as we exp...

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A House of Prayer in the Heart of Hattiesburg


Pastor Scott Hanberry challenges H.S.B.C. to deepen her commitment to prayer!...

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Locker Room Talk

This post is from Pastor Mike Palmer of Salmon, Idaho... Thepost is not a political statement for or against a candidate, but rather a treatment of an issue.Mike's intended purpose is to speak the truth of scripture.‚ÄčLocker Room Talk In very graphic language a politician speaks of women in a demeaning manner and the culture has responded with emotion. There are many who...

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My Prediction for November 9

nov 9

My Prediction for November 9We are really ready for this presidential election to be over. We're ready for an end to the rancor and tackiness. Voters on both sides feel frustrated, even embarrassed by it all. There is a visceral fear, an angst about the result. What if so and so wins? When we wake up to November 9, post-election, when the confetti is swept away and the ele...

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