Godliness and Grandparenting, part 3


What kind of legacy will you leave for your children & grandchildren? Will it be lasting? Will it be imperishable and eternal? Will it be faith or finances? Values or valuables? Will what you leave behind be only tangible items—buildings, money, and/or possessions?

The apostle Paul instructed Timothy to invest his life in faithful men who would be able to pass God's truth on to the next generation. Where does God want you to invest the time you have been given? I want to challenge you to be intentional! The third role of a Godly grandparent is that of a LEGACY MAKER!

God wants you to be a LEGACY MAKER

"The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him."  -Prov. 20:7

Be a Legacy Maker by:

Bringing honor to your family reputation through godly living

living a life of integrity both publicly and privately

bringing the best out in those around you

Making decisions based on an eternal perspective

finishing well- always have the end goal in mind

loving people and using things instead of loving things and using people

Leaving ‘good tracks’ for your grandchildren to follow

letting them know why you do what you do

being and example of faithful living