The High Calling of Mothers

May 14, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Faith Begins at Home

Topic: Family Scripture: Titus 1:10–2:5

Faith Begins At Home
Dr. Scott Hanberry
Titus 1:10-2:5

Today we draw attention to the Biblical calling of motherhood. We honor our mothers because God instructs us to do so. To acknowledge and honor the role of mothers is to honor God's design. My prayer is that this message is for all here today, because we long to live in God's divine design!

1) The _________________ of the high calling. 

        There is ____________ in the culture. 
        There is ____________ in Scripture. 

2) The _________________ of the high calling. 

  • ____________ to love!
  • ____________ to live in self-control & purity. 
  • ____________ the lies of the world's expectations. 

3) The _________________ of the high calling. 

One of the greatest apologetics for the Christian faith... is to display the difference that Jesus Christ makes in our _________________ & in our _________________!

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