Marriage Matters

May 21, 2017 Speaker: Scott Hanberry Series: Faith Begins at Home

Topic: Family Scripture: Matthew 19:3–19:6, Genesis 2:24


Sermon Series: Faith Begins At Home
Sermon Title: Marriage Matters
Sermon Text: Matthew 19:3-5, Genesis 2:20-24
Dr. Scott Hanberry

Marriage is God’s design to meet our need for companionship and to provide an illustration of our relationship with Him. Marriage has been undermined, attacked, and labeled irrelevant. Yet His design is undeniable when we see couples seeking to honor God by living out their complementarian convictions —a husband leading his wife so she will flourish, and a wife coming alongside her husband to help him.Such a marriage runs contrary to our selfish desires and requires nothing short of the power of the gospel.

Will we ___________________ God’s Word?
(as His revelation of His purpose for us).

Will we ___________________ God’s Word?
(so that it will flow with the prevailing winds of culture).

1) If you want to understand marriage, go back to the ______________!

  • A Man -                     An _______________ union.
  • Shall leave -              A _______________ attachment.
  • Be United (cleave) -   A _______________ relationship.
  • Become one -            A _______________ union.

2) If you are to understand ourselves and the world around us, you need to understand the Biblical truth of ___________________.

3) If you are to experience healing and pursue joy in marriage we must see _________________ begun!

4) If you are to experience hope and confidence in marriage we must see recovery _________________!

~ Contact our leaders.
~ Encourage singles.
~ Strengthen marriages.
~ Pray for our churches

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